AFLX 2019: What you need to know

AFLX is back and in 2019 it is set to be bigger than ever. With a new format, new ball, new teams and new rules there’s a lot for footy fans to process, so below is what you need to know before the competition kicks off here at Marvel Stadium on February 22.

AFLX is a fast and exciting version of traditional Australian Football, aiming to showcase the unique and most thrilling aspects of the game to engage new fans. Featuring some of the biggest names in the game, the 2019 tournament will see four teams – Bolts, Flyers, Rampage and Deadlys compete in a round-robin format.

The teams will compete in six matches, consisting of two 10-minute halves, with the top two progressing to the Grand Final. Each team will consist of 14 players, with eight on the field and six on the bench, and no more than four plays from any single AFL club.


A series of new rules have been introduced for the one-night-only competition, most notably the new ‘game-changer’ rule.

In the last five minutes of play, each team’s captain and vice-captain nominate their designated game-changer – a player who, if they score from then on, will receive double the points (behind = two points, goal = twelve points, Super Goal = 20 points).

Super Goals can be scored by either:

  • Kicking the ball anywhere within or behind the 40m ‘launch zone,’ or
  • Marking the ball 15m out from the goals via a kick within or behind the ‘launch zone’ and kicking it through the goals.

Other rules include:

-The field umpire throws the football up to commence play at the beginning of each half and after a Super Goal.

-Two players from each team must start inside the 15-metre zone at each end.

-Players will not be awarded marks for backwards kicks except in the forward 15m zone.

-25m penalty instead of 50m for infringements as per laws of the game.

-A six-point goal is scored when the football is kicked completely over the goal line by a Player of the attacking team without being touched by any other player.


The four AFLX teams were unveiled on Wednesday February 7, as team captains took part in the inaugural AFLX draft, each selecting their team of fourteen star players.

Key Timings

Game 1: Bolts v Rampage 7.10 – 7.32 PM
Game 2: Bolts v Deadly 7.37 – 7:59 PM
Game 3: Deadly v Flyers  8.04 – 8.26 PM
Game 4: Rampage v Flyers  8.31 – 8.53 PM
Game 5: Rampage v Deadly  8.58 – 9.20 PM
Game 6: Bolts v Flyers  9.25 – 9.47 PM
AFLX Grand Final  9.57 – 10.20 PM












For this year’s AFLX, a PINK Sherrin will be used, replacing last year’s trialed silver ball.

Pink was chosen to avoid clashes with the colours of the four teams taking part in the tournament. The pink Sherrin is another exciting way to differentiate the competition from traditional AFL.


Teams are competing for a prize pool of $50,000: with $30,000 given to the winner’s nominated charity, $10,000 to the runner-up and $5,000 each to the other two teams.

Team Deadly for Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Team Bolts for Variety SA

Team Rampage for Maddie’s Vision

Team Flyers for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

More information and tickets

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