FightBack Round


This Sunday’s Western Bulldogs v Melbourne clash at Marvel Stadium will commemorate 30 years since the most significant moment in the Bulldogs’ history – the Fightback of 1989.

In October 1989, the financially vulnerable Footscray Football Club was railroaded into a merger with Fitzroy by a Victorian Football League determined to change the face and future of the code.

The west was galvanised by common outrage and insistence that they were not going to give up on the Club without a fight.

A legal battle was waged, and an injunction was granted to allow Footscray the chance to raise the necessary funds to ensure its survival.

On October 8, more than 10,000 people attended a rally at the Western Oval and, within three weeks, over $1.6 million had been raised.

The efforts of the people ensured that Footscray survived in the VFL, and the Club has since gone on to prosper off the field, achieve success on it, and now call Marvel Stadium home.

Sunday will be a day for commemoration – recognising how people power prevailed and ‘Saved The Dogs.’


  • The Bulldogs will be playing in a special themed guernsey that pays homage to the Fightback campaign of 1989.
  • A VFL Curtain Raiser between Footscray & Casey Demons (Footscray will also wear the special guernsey) commencing at 11:50am.
  • Fightback Merchandise – including scarves, hoodies, t-shirts and caps.
  • Fightback themed official match-day function here at Marvel Stadium.
  • At quarter time, one participant selected pre-match will be invited to come out and kick for goal from 30m out. If the kick is successful, they will win $1,989.
  • In the weeks leading into Sunday’s match, Bulldogs fans have been asked to share their Fightback memories, and how they contributed in their own unique way to ‘Save The Dogs.’ A group of these fans have been selected to participate in a ‘Walk of Honour’ along the members wing at three quarter time, to create a symbolic opportunity to acknowledge the role that all fans played in ‘Saving The Club.’


In celebration of #Fightback30, fans wishing to attend Sunday’s match can purchase Level 1 & 2 reserved seating for just $19.89, available from 4:00pm Wednesday 10 July – 10:00pm Thursday 11 July.

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