eTicketing Quick Tips

Scanning tickets on your mobile device is the quick and easy way to enter Marvel Stadium on event days. With mobile scanning available at every gate, here are some quick tips to ensure you have a seamless entry:

1. Trouble scanning the phone? Try turning the mobile screen brightness up all the way.

2. Hold your phone at a comfortable waist height for optimal scanning position.

3. If you have multiple tickets, swipe the screen from right to left to view and scan the additional barcodes.

4. It is recommended that the phone remains with you at all times whilst scanning the barcode.

5. Keep the eTicket displayed on your phone until you are inside the stadium.

6. What if your phone runs out of battery? You can go to the Box Office to get your ticket printed!

7. No internet connectivity and can’t access your eTicket via their Order History? Jump on the free stadium WiFi, or save the barcodes to your phone prior to arriving at the stadium.

8. If you are unable to successfully locate and/or scan your barcode, please visit the box office for further information.