Marvel Stadium is proud to support the following charitable organisations:

The Unicorn Foundation

The Unicorn Foundation is the only Australian not-for-profit medical charity focused on neuroendocrine tumours (NET). Neuroendocrine tumours have, until recently, been overlooked by the medical community. Neuroendocrine tumours by nature are rare; manifest myriad clinical symptoms, many of which are non-specific, and are usually diagnosed late in their clinical course. Such behaviour has created a culture of misunderstanding and non-treatment by physicians. As a result, many patients have felt neglected and abandoned by a medical system that is only beginning to understand and grasp the complexities of the patient with neuroendocrine tumours.


Pets Haven Foundation

Pets Haven Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation (non-government funded) which rehomes orphan felines and canines who would otherwise have no future. The highest value of the foundation is “pro-life”. The team rescues from death row pounds, cruelty cases, puppy farms and the community. Pets Haven endeavours to responsibly rehouse these orphans back into the community in order to give them a second chance at life. Responsibly saving animals lives is their commitment.

Friedreich’s Ataxia Association of Victoria

Friedreich’s Ataxia Association of Victoria Incorporated (FAAV), is a not-for-profit charitable organisation. FAAV’s principle purpose is to enhance the quality of life for people who suffer from the neurological, degenerative disease Friedreich’s Ataxia. A not-for-profit organisation run by people with FA, their friends and their family. FAAV aims to raise money to help improve the quality of life for those living with Friedreich Ataxia, and also raise awareness for the condition where there is no known cure.


Life Education Victoria

Life Education Victoria (LEV) is a community-based, independent organisation at the front line of positive and preventative drug and health education. Approximately 200,000 children and 18,000 families take part in the pre-school, primary and secondary programs each year in Victoria. Life Education visits schools educating kids from as young as three to as old as 17 about a range of topics that impact them at different times of their lives. Children and families may be advised on subjects ranging from healthy eating, physical activity, bullying, cyber-safety, drugs, alcohol to smoking and positive communication. The program is identified and driven in many quarters by the popular Life Education mascot Harold the giraffe.