COVID-Safe Plan

Marvel Stadium is excited to be welcoming patrons back to the stadium and would like to reassure guests that the stadium has implemented a thorough and exhaustive COVIDSafe plan.

Marvel Stadium is operating under the guidance of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Our absolute priority is the safety and wellbeing of our patrons. We have implemented a number of increased safety measures including reduced group sizes, social distancing and increased hygiene practices, to bolster our already strict operational procedures.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and act in accordance with the advice of the Government and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Our team are doing everything possible to ensure patron safety; we encourage you to self-manage while onsite, and make your personal attendance decision based on current COVID-19 information and your personal circumstances. Stay up to date via the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website (

In order to keep all patrons, players, match officials and staff safe, there have been a number of changes we have made to your experience including:

  • When the roof is closed, it is mandatory to wear a mask. As a precaution, please wear your mask when moving around the stadium even when the roof is opened
  • Extra cleaning and sanitisation pre, during and post-event, with a focus on high traffic areas like hand-rails is taking place.
  • The stadium will be segmented, meaning fans will not have access to the entire venue. However fans will have access to amenities and F&B in their zone
  • Water fountains will not be in use.
  • Cloaking facilities are not in use.
  • Bags over A4 in size will not be permitted.
  • Marvel Stadium is cashless, meaning only contactless payments can be used for purchases of food, beverages and merchandise.
  • The event ticketing system supports contact tracing.
  • The stadium will provide hand sanitiser stations for patrons at a variety of locations across all levels of the stadium.
  • All food and drinks must be consumed in your seat. Patrons will not be able to linger on concourses or remain standing whilst consuming food or beverages.
  • Some activations, such as kick to kick or player autographs, will be paused to ensure social distancing requirements are met.
  • Dedicated entry gates for all fans: patrons will only be able to enter through the gate number on their ticket, at the designated time
  • To ensure adherence to the Government’s COVID-19 health and safety regulations, a one person per two square metre rule has been implemented.
  • Hand sanitising stations are available at Entry and Exit points as well as situated around the stadium.
  • We have increased the cleaning and disinfecting of all surface areas and frequented spaces.
  • No standing at or on your seat, patrons must be seated at all times when at their designated seat

Other key changes to your experience include:


  • Marvel Stadium will be cashless.
  • We will not be able to facilitate any cash transactions, so please come prepared with a credit or debit card (or another device) to pay for food and beverages, merchandise, parking etc.
  • Credit and debit cards will continue to be accepted. This change has been implemented to deliver faster service for patrons and to adhere to COVIDSafe measures.


  • Patrons will only be able to purchase tickets online, with no ticket sales available at the stadium. Additionally, all tickets will be issued to the buyer’s mobile phone, with no print at home or paper tickets being offered.
  • Ensure you download your ticket to your phone before you arrive.
  • Mobility impaired patrons will purchase their tickets via Ticketmaster’s Accessible Seating Line, or via the email service for Wheelchair, Companion Card or Special Needs booking requirements.
  • All patrons will be required to complete a digital health screening process to be completed at the time of ticket purchase or ticket allocation.


  • To ensure the safe arrival of all patrons, Marvel Stadium has introduced staggered arrival times.
  • Patrons will need to adhere to these times which will be identified on their ticket.
  • While entry times are strongly recommended, there are no consequences if missed. Entry will still be facilitated, but may be delayed.
  • Patrons will be allocated a specific gate for entry which is based on their seat location and will be the only gate they will be allowed to enter through.
  • Upon entering the stadium, scan the QR code displayed and ‘check in’ with your details.


  • To fast-track entry into the stadium we encourage you to travel without bags, and if bags are necessary, they are to be no larger than A4 size.
  • In the instance a bag check is required, patrons will be responsible for unpacking and repacking their personal belongings. This will ensure unnecessary contact between the two parties is avoided.
  • All patrons entering the stadium will be subject to bags being searched and wanded randomly and continuously.

In Stadium

  • Patrons will only be permitted to leave their seat for three reasons in order to assist with social distancing, and reduce traffic in places of gathering on both the internal and external concourses. Patrons will be permitted to leave their seats to:
    • Purchase food, beverages or merchandise items.
    • To attend public amenities such as the bathroom, prayer room, sensory room and parents’ room.
    • Exit the stadium.
  • The stadium has been segmented into 4 zones. Fans will be asked to remain in their allocated zone. Fans will still have access to F&B and amenities. Customer Service Team Members are there to assist on the day
  • Patrons are encouraged to leave the stadium using the same gate they arrived through.


  • To avoid creating additional touch points with patrons, cloaking services will not be available at events.
  • Patrons entering the stadium with prams/strollers will need to ensure they can be stowed underneath their seat.

Parents’ Room

  • The stadium has two parents’ rooms with baby change facilities available for use. These amenities will be restricted to use by one (1) group at a time.
  • Baby changing facilities, such as tables and nappy bins, will be regularly cleaned and sanitised. Change mats will be removed from all locations.
  • There are fold-down changing tables in all disabled bathrooms throughout the stadium.

Sensory Room

  • Unfortunately the Sensory Room can not open at this stage.
  • Sensory Bags that were available to hire for the event duration will no longer be available, in order to assist with maintaining good hygiene and reducing touchpoints.

Prayer Room

  • The stadium prayer room on Level 3 is not open at this stage.

Car Parking

  • Carparking must be prepaid via
  • Once booked through the online system, you will then receive an email containing your car parking ticket with a QR code for entry and exit of the car park. The QR code can be scanned from your mobile device when entering or exiting the car park
  • There will be no access from the car park levels of the car park into the Stadium.  All car park patrons will be required to exit via foot onto Bourke Street and use the external stairs to the concourse level.

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