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Round 9 Member Seat Changes

Marvel Stadium is excited that our Tenant club Reserved Seat holders will now be able to return to their seats, the process for members in Reserved Bays and General Admission will remain the same as it has for prior home games this season to ensure we remain COVID compliant.
We would like to remind patrons to enter only via the gate number on your digital ticket.
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New Initiatives

Fan experience jumps another notch at Marvel Stadium, with Lee Ho Fook, Gami Chicken and more set to bolster the stadium’s dining and
experience options.

GAMI CHICKEN A Melbourne cult classic, Gami Chicken’s mouth-watering winning combination of Korean chicken and beer
has arrived at Marvel Stadium.

FAMILY FRIENDLY Marvel Stadium truly is a choose-your-own-adventure experience for fans of all ages, with experiences
like the Marvel Height Wall, Marvel Vault, and everyone’s favourite place to get a treat, High 5!

AMAZING FOOD OFFERINGS A tried-and-true meat pie? Hot chips to warm your hands when the winter sets in? Whatever
your taste preference, you’ll find it at Marvel Stadium!

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Stadium Redevelopment

Marvel Stadium is about to be transformed into ‘one of the best sports and entertainment destinations in the world’.

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